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Tricks for Selling A Houston Home Quickly

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Houston is a huge bustling city that never sleeps, and neither should your home sleep on the market there! One of a homeowner’s worse nightmares is their home sitting on the market and not getting as much attention as they had anticipated. The longer a home sits on the market usually means the lower the sales price of the home will be because the homeowner will have to decrease the price to get more potential buyers. Do not let that happen to you, read on to find out some of the tips and tricks for selling your Houston home quickly, even in such a huge city!

One positive for buying a home in Houston is that the buyer’s confidence is returning according to local Houston realtor Renee Buckhoff. The reason behind this spike in confidence is the fact that Houston is a big oil and gas city, that is where most of the money comes from in the city’s economy. Houston’s oil prices are at the highest they have been since 2013 and this rise in price for the largest export for this city means an economic boom! This, combined with the fact that Houston is one of the top three growing cities in the nation, means more people coming to the city and makes for the perfect time to sell your home if you have been thinking about it!

  1. The first tip is to know what your buyers are looking for and who your potential buyers are.
    • With Houston being such a large city there are different areas for different buyers. It is all dependent on what the homebuyer is looking for. The homeowner first needs to figure out what makes their location special and marketable and who it will attract. For example, if you are inside the loop you are more likely to be attracting younger buyers. This means that you will advertise the local attractions that would be suitable and attractive for young professionals. Different buyers will be interested in hearing about different things so it is all about how you and your realtor present the home. 
  2. The homeowner needs to make their home stand out amongst the crowd.

With Houston being such an up and coming area, the housing market is almost oversaturated with homes. This means that the buyer will have their choice of properties in the area. While there are several different types of areas in Houston, location alone will not make your home stand out. The homeowner needs to find what makes their home unique and use that to their advantage. On top of that, there are several things a homeowner can do to make their home stand out.

Modern and Updated in Houston

No matter how much heart and soul your home has, it will be competing on the market with newly built, turnkey homes. These move-in ready homes will be stiff competition, especially if your home needs some renovations completed. It is understandable that not all homeowners have direct funds to complete major renovations, but small ones can be easily done and breathe new life into the home. Easy renovations such as a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color, filling in any nail holes in the walls, or tearing up carpet if there is hardwood flooring underneath will change the home and give it a clean, more modern feel. But if you do have the money to put into the home for renovations that is always a plus. The seller is able to receive more money for a move-in ready home because they will not have to take into account the repairs the home buyers will have to do after moving in whenever pricing their home. Completing renovations on the home, whether big or small, will bring more attention to the home which will lead to the home selling. 

Home Staging to Sell Quickly

This may not seem as crucial to selling your Houston home quickly, but the presentation is everything. Some things will not change about your home no matter what you wish for, so it is crucial to work with what you got and make sure to put your home’s best foot forward! There are several things to do to ensure that your home is in the best position to be viewed, the first is deciding if you are going to do the staging yourself or hire a professional stager. A professional stager is an expensive option but is known to be worth it. A stager will on average run the homeowner about $300-$600 for the initial consultation and then $500-$600 per month per room that is staged. This hefty price tag can add up quickly depending on how long the home sits on the market. 

Not every seller can afford this steep of a price, so there are things that the homeowner can do to make the home look amazing and ready for potential buyers! The first is a little self-explanatory, whenever a homeowner is personally staging their home they need to first free the home of clutter. A clean, simple, and modern look are the best for drawing in potential buyers. The next is to prep prep prep your home! A little preparation goes a long way and can be the difference in how buyers will view your home. This can include going through your spring-cleaning checklist a little early and scrubbing baseboards, steam cleaning the carpets in the home, and organizing those drawers and hidden places in your home we usually avoid. Potential buyers will want to see every inch of the home so the seller needs to be prepared for that as well. With preparation done and small details perfected, your home is sure to be a hit with the buyers in the area!

The price is right!

The price for your home is a delicate balance that needs to be set just right. If the price for your home is too high, potential buyers may overlook it for comparative homes with a better value. If the price is set too low, then the seller will not benefit in the sale of the home. The price of the home needs to be able to make both parties happy and feel like they came out with a win. There are many ways in which a seller can decide how to best price their home, but the first tip is to take emotion out of the equation whenever adding up your home’s value. Your home, especially if you have been in it for a while, holds many sentimental memories for you. This is understandable, but to buyers’ memories do not hold value. The seller needs to be analytical whenever looking at the true value of the home. This can be done by getting unbiased outside opinions on the home’s value. Your realtor, or yourself, can look at the comparable homes in the neighborhood and their value. Keep in mind any repairs or renovations that need to be done in your home because that will decrease the value seeing as the buyer will have to complete these themselves if you have no plans to. The next step is to get an inspection done for your home. The buyer will also have to get one done for themselves, but it is good for the seller to get one done as well to see any problems with the home that may need to be addressed before putting the home on the market, or just any problems that they can make the buyer aware of beforehand for liability reasons. The sales price of a home may be difficult for the seller to decide upon, but with some expert advice, the home can be priced in a way that both parties walk away happy!

Selling a Home Like It’s Going out of Style!

Lastly, marketing may be one of the most key factors in selling your Houston home quickly. No potential buyers will come to look at the home if they do not even know it is for sale! 

A picture is worth a thousand words. The best way to market your home is through pictures. These need to be of good quality to show off the best aspects of your home and deliver accurate expectations to potential buyers. These pictures can be taken by your realtor who will have experience in what angle or lighting will be the most inviting for buyers while also highlighting the key features of the home. 

Back in the day, a for sale sign in the front yard was all we had to market our homes. Now, the best tool to market your home is the internet. Your home and the fabulous pictures taken of it will be available at the touch of a button from any potential buyer’s couch. The convenience of window shopping for a home online is an excellent tool for anyone marketing a home. Both of these marketing tools will help your home be off the market as quickly as possible!

Selling a home in Houston with its huge intimidating areas does not have to be overwhelming. This process can be smooth and easy, with some help. For the homeowner to sell their property as quickly as possible, it is advised to hire a realtor. This will help with the process and will also give the homeowner someone solely on their side to help guide them through the home buying process. With these tips and tricks, your selling your Houston home will be a breeze and it will fly off the market! 


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