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The Hottest Houston Zip Codes in 2019

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Texas is one of the hottest states in the nation’s temperature-wise, but also hot meaning up and coming. Many people are choosing to live in Houston versus many other hot cities in the state for a variety of reasons. One is the price of living is lower than many other big cities in Texas, Houston also has inner waterways which makes for a very scenic living if you are able to secure a home in one of the neighborhoods on the water. Houston is also growing into the fourth largest city in the United States running behind LA, New York, and Chicago. In this article we will discuss the hottest Houston zip codes and why you should consider them!

Zip Code 77094

This area in Texas has rated the number one place to purchase a home in Houston, even though part of it lies outside the city limits of Houston itself. The grade given to this neighborhood according to is an A+. This zip code is one of only seven that received this grade in all of Houston. The median home value in this neighborhood is $390,000 and the median rent is $1,842. This neighborhood is primarily homeowners with 82% of houses being owned versus 18% being rented. Some other qualities that make this a hot zip code in Houston include:

  • A small population of 9,439 has increased 11.1% since 2010 meaning there has been job security and it is a good place for families because people do not want to have children if their financial position is not secure. 
  • While the unemployment rate is higher than the national average at 4.2%, recent job growth is positive and has increased by 3.18%.
  • The schools in this zipcode are also rated an A+. The public schools in this zip code spend on average $9,688 per student and the classroom ratio is about 15.6 students per teacher in the area. The money spent and the classroom ratio is a good indicator that this school district is beneficial for its students.
  • The grading for this zip code is as follows; A for housing, A+ in good for families, A+ for jobs, B- for the cost of living, B for outdoor activities, C for crime and safety, and B+ for nightlife.
  • One con is the cost of living is 37.50% higher than the national average, but the price of living is rated highly, so you will get what you pay for out of this community!

With this list of qualities for this zip code, it is easy to see why it is rated the number one zip code to buy a home in Houston. Being the best area to buy a home is indeed different from the best area to live, which we will talk about next whenever discussing all of the Houston zip codes!

Zip Code 77079

This area is located more north in Houston than the other discussed, but it was ranked number four for best places to live in the Houston area, not just the best places to buy homes. The best places to live signify that the people enjoy living there, not just the home they bought. The difference is key whenever looking at the statistics below: 

  • The overall grade is an A+ like the above zip code. 
  • The population is much larger at 33,577. With a larger population, the more entertainment choices will be available. Businesses will build where there are people so there will be more infrastructure and more choices for the people in this community. 
  • The median income in this zip code is about $99,650 which means the income level in this community in moderate which may make some parts of it more affordable for home buyers. 
  • The median home price is coming in at higher than the previous zip code at 470,200. This is just the median price so there will be homes more or less expensive than this price. 
  • This zip code does contain more properties that are being rented. The ratio is 36% of homes are rented while 64% are owned. 
  • The median rent for this zip code is $1,293 which granted, is higher than the national average but the cost of living is still rated fairly well for this zip code. 
  • The unemployment rate is 4.2% which is barely over the national average of 3.9% with a job increase of 3.18%. 
  • The cost of living is a pretty hefty percent to look at sitting at 47.20% higher than the national average. Yet the cost of living was still rated well so there are perks to this neighborhood which makes the price worth it. 
  • The public schools in this zipcode are rated highly and this is because the average that is spent on each student is $11,187 and the classroom sizes are a good size with a ratio of about 16.6 students per one teacher. Zipcodes that put an emphasis on education will be more appealing for families with children because the county is investing in their future by spending money on education. 

With these statics, it is easy to see why this zip code is rated one of the best places to live in Houston! This area is perfect for families and with a larger population, there can never be a dull moment! This zip code is good for families as well as young couples and that is what makes a great neighborhood. 

Area Code 77059

This area is called either Pasadena or South Houston. This is ranked next in the best places to live in Houston, so it is not all about the home! There are several things to make this area of Houston stand out from the two mentioned above, including having an inner waterway and being closer to the Gulf of Mexico than the other areas listed above. If you are an outdoorsy person this is the area for you! 

  • The grade given by for this zip code is an overall A+. 
  • The population is a good middle range between the two previous Houston zip codes coming in at 17,374. This can give the community that small-town feel without the lack of amenities seen in small-town living. 
  • The median home value in this zip code is $277,700 with a whopping 90% of homes being owned versus 10% being rented. This can show us that this is a good place to settle long term because there are not very many renters versus homeowners. For those who are looking to rent the median rent in this area is $1,547 which has been about the average that we have seen for the other zip codes as well. 
  • The unemployment rate for this zip code is at 4.2% which is slightly higher than the national average of 3.9%.
  • This zip code has the least expensive cost of living out of the three zip codes we have discussed coming in at 24.20% higher than the national average, which has been proven to be great for the Houston area. 
  • The public schools in this area spend about $8,215 per student and have about 16 students per one teacher as their student to teacher ratio. All three zip codes listed are very family and education-friendly so any would be a good choice for families that have children. 

This zip code has many benefits which would be a great opportunity or investment for home buyers. All the zip codes discussed are very family and children friendly, but what about for young couples and singles? The next zip code will be exactly that, and not hot for the home value or the school system, but for the nightlife! 

Houston Zip Codes 77002 and 77004

For this, we are going to combine two zip codes. In Houston, 77002 is known as Downtown and 77004 in Midtown. Downtown is Houston’s central business district and as expected it is full of life. This flows down into Midtown, giving young professionals a variety of things to do after work. These zip codes are a mix of romance at historical places and party time! It is clear why this one made the list of one of Houston’s hottest zip codes.  

  • In zip code 77002, the overall grade from is an A. The grading though can show that this is clearly not a family, settle down, type of city.  For public schools, housing, good for families, and crime and safety this zip code got a C in every category. 
  • This zip code did get an A+ for nightlife. It all depends on what the home buyer is looking for and what they would prefer to live around. 
  • A pro for this zip code, besides the nightlife, is the commute. The home buyer would not be commuting from a suburb to the business district which is where most jobs will be located. 
  • In these zip codes, we can see the switch from primary homeowners to primary renters. The median rent is $1,418 so there is not much difference in the price of rent from downtown to the suburb so again it is all about what the home buyer is looking for. 
  • This zip code is clearly for young professionals seeing as the percent of families with children in this area is 1%. 
  • In zip code 77004 there are some stark differences between its neighboring zip code. 
  • In Midtown, it still has an excellent rating for nightlife, but it is also more family-friendly than 77002.
  • It is still an area with more renters than homeowners, but the median rent in Midtown is only $957. 
  • The percentage of families with children jumps to 16% and the good for families rating jump from a C to a B from Downtown to Midtown.

Downtown and Midtown both have many similarities, but Midtown came out as a little more family-friendly but still will have that urban Downtown vibe. Like everything in life, it is a choice which places if either would be best for you to start your home search, but one thing is for sure you will be plenty busy in both zip codes!

Houston is a huge city with a variety of areas to choose from. The first three Houston zip codes are not what everyone would consider a hot zip code to live in, but many home buyers are looking for more stability for their family, and with an average of less than a thirty minutes commute to the zip codes with some of the hottest nightlife, it is the best of both worlds. Or for young professionals looking to live close to work and have plenty of things to do after, there are several zip codes in Houston just for you! Whatever is hot for you, Houston is sure to deliver in more ways than one!


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