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The Quickest Ways to Sell Your Home

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Wanna sell your home quickly? Don’t we all! But hey, not everyone puts in the time to research like you are right now. Let’s get you a leg up on your competition: Here are the quickest ways to sell your house!

Hire a Top-Notch Real Estate Agent

Having someone who’s life’s work is to sell houses (and sell them quickly) to guide you through the sale process is instrumental in getting your home sold in a snap. In fact, trying to go rogue and sell your house FSBO-style would end up costing you tons of extra time, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, so our advice is don’t even bother if your top priority is speed. Real estate agents, specifically experienced ones, know the game inside and out, and will have a strategy ready to go pretty much right away. They will communicate with you every step of the way and make sure that they are doing everything they can to get things rolling and get results. 

Whoever you hire should be a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and have formally agreed to adhere to the group’s code of ethics. It also helps if they have certificates or the like to prove that they have completed training in specialty areas. These may be:

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): Completed additional training in handling residential real estate.
  • ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): Completed additional training in representing buyers in transactions.
  • SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): Completed training aimed at helping buyers and sellers aged 50 and older. (Via Bankrate).

To find an agent that is reputable and meets your needs, you can seek referrals from family and friends, neighborhood groups, or other homeowners in your area. You can also search on Google for local real estate agents, and they should have reviews that speak to their abilities.

Start by Decluttering, Cleaning, and Repairing

the quickest home sale

Your first step should be to take care of the simple, small stuff that can make a world of difference when it comes to selling your house. Too much clutter can make a space feel suffocating and claustrophobic, which will contribute to delaying the process of finding an interested buyer. The idea is to make the home feel open, clean, and full of possibilities, so that the prospective new owners can more easily envision their own personal belongings inside — you do not want them to be so distracted by all of your junk that they lose sight of the potential.

For the purpose of selling your house, you don’t necessarily have to do a complete overhaul of all of your possessions, just the very visible ones. Which, unfortunately for you means most every accessible location in the house, even the closets. Potential buyers will want to look everywhere. Yes, even those neglected storage nooks that you haven’t touched in years. For example, do you have a library full of worn books in your office? Tons of random appliances taking up valuable kitchen counter real estate? What about a thousand porcelain cat figures on display in the living room? Any mass quantities of very similar items that you touch less than once a year, either consider getting rid of them or boxing them up for storage, but make sure they are far away from view. Anything you can think of to clear up more space, DO IT! 

Now that you’ve decluttered and arranged the furniture to create a more functional space, it’s time to get on your cleaning gloves. Leaving your house covered in a layer of dust and grime is a surefire way to turn off buyers, but it’s so easy (and free!) to clean your house yourself. Take extra care in mopping the floors and dusting/scrubbing surface areas. 

Hold an Open House

Now that you have whipped your house into shape by cleaning and decluttering and hopefully secured a stellar real estate agent to help you out, you are ready to have people come and see what your house has to offer. According to The Balance, real estate agents say that 20% of home sales result from an open house. With that said, it is definitely in your best interest to stage and host at least one or two open houses. To prepare for the open house, create notecards or pamphlets with the home’s address and any special or unique features of the house that will stick in the potential buyers’ minds. Be sure to open all curtain and blinds to let in all the natural light in. The more bright and airy you can get the house to appear, the better. Make sure all distractions, pets, children etc. are gone during the weekend of the open house. Ensure that the home has a pleasant scent, but don’t go overboard with air fresheners and candles. Even just a constant flow of fresh air inside the house throughout the day will do the trick, but you can kick it up a notch by baking some cookies for your guests or even microwaving some cinnamon in water the day of.  Lemon essential oil in a room spray makes for a bright, fresh scent for guests to walk into as well.

Help out with Marketing and Advertising.

You don’t have to sit by and let your agent do all of the advertising. If you double up on your efforts, you’ll increase the likelihood of finding a buyer, sooner. Start by letting all of your friends and family know you’re selling your house, and ask them to please pass on the word to anyone who may be interested. Ensure your home is posted on all of the real estate databases with quality photos and a killer description of all of the amenities. As long as you own, or know someone who owns, a phone that takes quality pictures, you can take some great photos yourself to pass around and post on the web. Post the images and write about it on your social media wall and ask friends and family to share. In addition, make a post in all of the neighborhood groups in the area — usually there are hundreds to thousands of people in those groups, and someone is bound to take interest. You can even go old-school and tape flyers around town advertising your home. Then, just like you would to announce a garage or yard sale, plaster flyers and signs all over your neighbourhood. Just remember to be mindful of local signage ordinance, you don’t want to get in trouble. If you really want to put in some serious legwork, you can go door-to-door in your neighborhood and surrounding areas and slip flyers into mailboxes. 

In your ad copy, make sure to play up the popular aspects of the culture in your city. Many people may be looking to move from out of state, so you want to appeal to outsiders as well. Mention any events, bars, clubs, music venues, or other attractions that are within short driving or walking distance from your neighborhood. 

Consider Offering Buyer Incentives

Incentives can really help get people in the door, especially if you include them in your ad copy. Potential buyers may be intrigued by the fact that they can buy your house without having to worry about certain costs, fees, and woes that they would have to deal with in other homes will create a sense of comfort and relief. After all, who can resist taking a deal where all of the most annoying things about buying a house don’t exist? Closing costs, commission, lack of furniture… all of these things are just additional sources of stress for prospective buyers, so cutting anything out of the equation is going to serve as an extra bonus. Especially if they’re buying from out of state, offering furnishings or anything that will make the move less stressful is a plus. Just make sure not to go overboard and appear desperate (even if you are). Keep the incentives useful, universal, and of high quality but sparse.

Sell to a Real Estate Investor or Investment Company

If you really want to get your home sold quick, finding a real estate investor or investment company who will buy your home for cash is the way to go. Make sure if you decide to go this route that you find a reputable, trustworthy company that has a business website and legit customer reviews.

Since the sale is not dependent on getting financing approved, going through an appraisal process, subject to home inspections, or anything that a regular closing would be reliant upon, the process is expedited considerably. Also, if you were to go through the traditional selling process with an agent, you would likely need to make major repairs yourself, with money you may not have. The appraiser and home inspector will be looking for and assessing damage, scrutinizing every corner of your home. But because there is no inspection process with equity purchase sales, there’s really no point in making repairs because the investor will eventually make those themselves after they’ve attained ownership of the house. And though you’ll be selling your home for less than market value, you also won’t have to pay as many fees as you would have to with a regular sale. 

If your home is older and needing a lot of work or maybe has lost its value, and it is in an urban or suburban area where land is scarce, you might also consider selling to a developer.  Developers are always looking for opportunities to purchase a property for its land value. They know that they can buy the property, tear down the home and build a new one in its place, and make their profits still.  

In Conclusion…

If you really want to see results, know that you’ll need to put in some work yourself. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! It will feel oh-so-rewarding when you secure that quick sale. Good luck!


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