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8 Simple Strategies To Sell Your Home Quickly

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Sometimes, life throws a curve ball or two and you find yourself needing to sell your home faster than you’d ever planned.  There are many reasons why people need to sell their homes fast. The most frequent are:

  • Financial hard times
  • Divorce
  • Extensive repairs need to be done, but you can’t afford to take them on
  • Relocation
  • Inherited the property and need to sell it for the estate to be final
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • Downsizing due to empty-nesting, or a deceased spouse

Many homeowners when faced with a need for a quick sale of their home think that they will have to slash their home’s value to get it sold quickly.  This simply isn’t the case when you follow the right strategies.

Whatever your reasons are in needing to move out of your home ownership sooner than later, here are some proven methods to get things done quickly, and WITHOUT losing your shirt in the process.

1. Pod Your Clutter

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if your home’s beauty is hidden behind a ton of clutter, you’ve got an issue.  A portable storage pod is a smart solution to declutter your home. You don’t have to be a Marie Kondo master of Konmari to do this successfully either – just decide if each item is something you definitely use every day or not, and if not, then off to the storage pod it goes.  This means you’re not shoving everything into closets or attic spaces but truly removing them from the home.

The genius behind the portable storage pod is that once you’ve filled it, it can quickly and easily go to your next location or into a storage space – whichever fits your particular situation.  The storage pod company will deliver it door-to-door for you. So, a head start on your packing AND having everything delivered to where you need it to go is definitely a smart strategy.

2. Set The Stage For A Sale

tips to sell your home quickIf there is one strategy that will have the biggest return on your investment in selling your home quickly, it’s hiring a professional home stager.  Like a great makeup artist for your home, a professional home stager will immediately see how to highlight your home’s key features in their best light, while minimizing it’s weaker areas.

From the first impression at curb view, all the way through each room of the home and exterior lifestyle areas, a professional home stager will make your home shine like never before. Sometimes the home stager will even recommend temporarily staging your home with other pieces of furniture (rentals) instead of your own – this is done to achieve a certain look that the stager knows from their experience in your market that will appeal to the broadest buying audience, which is ultimately your goal.  Your own furniture pieces can go right into your storage pod for safekeeping.

3. Let’s Not Get Personal

As much as you love those family photos, (and honestly, who doesn’t love that cute pic of the baby’s birthday?), it’s important that buyers are allowed the mental freedom to visualize themselves in your home as the new owners instead of you.  So, don’t distract the power of this visualization with your family photos. This also holds true for your artwork. If you’ve got dynamic art in your home, you’ll likely want to store those pieces safely away as well.  You want your home to be remembered as interesting and appealing, not your artwork. Again, just safely store all of these items in your storage pod.

4. Upgrade Where You Can

They say it’s the little things that matter, and when looking for smart, simple strategies to sell your home quickly, it’s all in the details.  Most people think that they have to have major renovations to get their home ready to sell, when rather, it’s the smaller upgrades that make the biggest difference.  Major renovations rarely ever see their investments returned in a home sale, especially in quick sales, whereas smaller upgrades often do.

Focus on the bathrooms and kitchen where you have the opportunity to make the biggest impact. Armed with some insights from your pro stager, first make upgrades to their fixtures and hardware. New hardware on older cabinets make a big difference in eye appeal. Get coordinated with bathroom touches too like a new shower curtain, matching hand towels and new bath rugs.  A coordinated look appeals in the kitchen too, with upgraded hardware, and matching kitchen rug and hand towels. If your appliances are older, you might consider splurging by changing out all your appliances and replacing them with matching modern stainless steel appliances. These are small investments, but will have a big return on selling your home quickly.

5. Let There Be Light

Another area that makes quick improvement in a home’s appeal to buyers is in its lighting.  Small upgrades in lighting make a big turnaround in buyer appeal. Every photographer knows the power of light in drawing the eye, of creating drama, of showcasing features.  It’s true too for your home. Start with working with your pro stager to identify fixtures in the home that should be upgraded.

You can also change out all your lighting to the highest allowed wattage bulbs to make instant change to your home.  A fresh coat of paint is another easy way to brighten a room, and no, it doesn’t have to be white paint; just a light neutral color does the trick. And when you leave the home for a daytime showing, be sure to open all the curtains and open the blinds to let in all the natural light, and at nighttime, turn all the lights on in your home.

6. Have A Glam Session – For Your Home

Now that your home is all dolled up with the right look from front to back and all in between, it’s time to bring in another pro – the photographer.  Let’s face it – the stats are that 90% of home buyers start their home search online so your home’s first impression with buyers is likely going to be with photos of it.  When a buyer is home shopping, they are scrolling through a myriad of other homes, and if the photos of your home do not catch their eye, then sadly they’ll move on to the next home.  After all the work you’ve done into putting your home in the best light for buyer’s it only makes sense to invest in great photos of your home. Your real estate agent will likely have a photographer they’ve grown to trust in this specialty so they should be your first resource in this.

7. Select Your Agent

Choosing the right agent will be integral to making all of this work well for you.  Although you may have a friend who has a cousin in real estate, or you met an agent who shares your passion for hockey, these are not the criteria you should have for best outcomes on a quick sale of your home.  You need to do your homework and interview agents, looking for the ones who have proven themselves in your particular neighbourhood, who have experience and therefore are intimately aware of the trends of the market in your area, and most importantly, who have proven experience in selling homes like yours quickly in your area.

Any agent who is excellent with this criteria is also going to likely have proven resources of professional stagers and photographers that they work with. You’ll want to make sure that your agent is using the latest in tech tools, too, for selling online and that gathering feedback from home visits is an integral part of their sales strategy.  Your chosen agent will help you through all of the steps to quickly sell your home, and will help you initially by pricing your home appropriately for its best positioning in the market. This is key, so take the time to choose the right agent for you.

8. Make It Easy To Say ‘Yes”

The home selling process is going to disrupt your life a bit.  From removing personal items from your home, tackling all the myriad of details your pros recommend to you, you’ll also have home showings to schedule around which will require you to be out of the home for.  Try to be accommodating in this. The trick is to make it easy for your home to be viewed by your potential buyers, so try your best to revolve around what works for them. Also, try to be memorable to them.

You’ve likely heard or read about the scent of fresh baked cookies or pie gives that ‘home’ feel to a potential buyer – why not go one step further if time permits and leave a plate of cookies with a sign that says “Help Yourself?” Or if cookie baking isn’t your thing, then a basket of fruit or bottled water would do the trick.  The point is that these little things will be long-remembered as a positive experience attached to their memories of viewing your home. Remembering your home in a positive light will go a long way towards them selecting your home as their own, quickly.


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