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Selling a House with Termite Damage

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Termites. They’re nearly microscopic, and yet they can destroy an entire house just like that. You may feel reluctant to jump on an issue that is seemingly insignificant, but keep in mind that these little guys can do a lot of damage to a house in a short amount of time if they are not fully exterminated. If you are suffering from this problem then it will be a challenge to sell your house in the future. So what can you do? Read on for more!

Keep an eye out for signs of termite infestation

home damaged by termites

The very first and most effective step that you can take to determine if termites have invaded your house is to hire a termite inspector. A professional exterminator can check for signs of termite damage in places that you may not have even thought to look. And they are trained on all of the different signs which you may not be aware of. They can then offer you the best possible solution to eliminate the problem fast. 

A few of the most obvious signs that a home is infested with termites is wood-colored droppings/shavings on the floor or surfaces, termite wings, and mud tubes found along the corners of your house or any parts of its structure. If your home has wood furnishing, then an inspector can spot damages to it right away. 

You can attempt to remove termites from your home without the help of a professional by spraying termite killers and chemicals on the affected area. This may only pay off if the issue has just cropped up and you noticed it right away before it could become a bigger problem. However, if the situation is beyond your control, then it’s best to call a termite exterminator to get rid of the problem once and for all. Plus, this will give you peace of mind to know that the problem is truly taken care of. 

Re-inspection is a Must

Let’s say you have gotten rid of the termites. Problem solved… right? But before you celebrate and shake your inspector’s hand for a job well-done, set up an appointment to have your home re-inspected again. Why? Keep in mind that you will still need to disclose the previous termite problem when you’re selling your house. So before you start the process of selling, you want to be absolutely certain that the termites are gone and unlikely to return. The prospective buyers will greatly appreciate this, and it will give them the peace of mind they are looking for. If you’ve doubled down on this, it will make the home seem like less of a liability. 

Preventive Measures

Of course, you don’t want to deal with the termite problem again, right? Then you need to carry out some preventive measures to ensure that termites will not invade your house again. Aside from spraying all the termites dead (by a professional of course) you can also fix holes as well as cracks left behind by the exterminators if they hadn’t already done so. Placing mesh screens on external vents can also help keep these pesky critters at bay. But the best thing you can do is to get your home chemically treated for potential termite problems. There are plenty of pest control companies that do treatment for subterranean termites which could chew on your house’s foundation. However you want to do it, make sure that your home does not welcome these little things otherwise you will have a hard time selling it in the event that you do face an infestation.

Claiming Warranty

Let’s face it, a house with a history of termite issues may be a bit of a challenge to sell, but if you want your potential buyers to feel at ease about the entire termite fiasco, you can always purchase a termite warranty from a pest control company. This warranty serves as an assurance for the next owners that the termites are guaranteed to not return after they get rid of it. The good news is that, there are many companies out there that offer multi-year warranties to homeowners. In case that termites do return, these companies will treat your home again, free of charge. Just make sure that this warranty can be transferred to the new owners in case your house gets purchased in the future.

Honesty is the Best Policy

A house damaged by termites will always have evidence, even if on the surface it seems everything has been taken care of. However, a trained inspector will be able to tell if there has been a prior issue, so it’s in your best interest to inform buyers about the termite problem from the start. This is very important on your part as a seller, because being upfront and honest about this issue will make prospective buyers trust you more and respect your straightforward nature. 

Buyers are also going to want to take a tour around your house. If this is the case, take this as an opportunity to show them the areas affected by termites and explain what you have done to eliminate the problem. Provide them with all the paperwork you have in order to prove that the termite treatment was a success. If you don’t have any documentation about the extermination done to your house, you can always ask the pest control company to provide you with one. This can be used as your evidence that you have done your part as the owner to stop the termite problem before it got out of hand. You can even chip in some tips on how to prevent termites from coming back while you are at it too. 

The best thing that you can do is to be positive about the issue as much as possible. Lying will not help you. As long as the issue has been addressed and fixed, you should be as open as you can with the topic. A good step to do is to have everything in writing so that you can provide a copy of this information to the buyer. This writing could also be used as proof that they have understood the issue and everything that has been done in order to eliminate the problem. 

Selling the House As-Is

Truth is that, even if you have done everything you could to remove termites, the reality is, this is another obstacle to selling your house. If the damage to your home was extensive and you cannot afford repairs, perhaps consider selling it as-is to a real estate investor or flipper. “As-is” is actually a legal term that is used to absolve something of any implied warranty. Basically, what you see is what you get, and the previous owner cannot be held accountable for any flaws in the product after its been sold. This might be ideal for someone with termite damage, because you cannot be held accountable for damages if you advertise your home “as-is”. You may not be able to recoup the full value of your home, but at least you will be able to get cash in-hand and sell your home extremely quickly this way. 

In Closing

Termites are nasty creatures that can cause a tantamount damage to your home. However, termite infestations are common problems among homeowners, so take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one. Selling it could be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is hire a really good pest control company and exercise a lot of patience. If you have two then you can surely sell your home, best of luck!


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