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All About Plumbing Repairs

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One of the most costly issues to fix is broken or damaged plumbing in your home. Installing and/or fixing the plumbing system in your house could cost you thousands of dollars, and the price ranges depending on the severity of the damage. But how do you know if your plumbing needs repairing? How much can you expect to pay? How long will the repairs take? We’ll answer all your questions and more in this article.  Here’s what you need to know.

How much will the plumber charge?

Depending on the extent of the damage to your plumbing system, the cost of expenses that plumbers charge may vary. Hiring one may cost between $125 to $350 for small repairs. The work could be as small as unclogging a toilet or fixing faucets that are leaking. For bigger jobs, plumbers can charge you around $500 to $850 depending on the scope of work. If you are paying them per hour, a plumber can charge you $45 to $150 to repair things like leaky faucets, clogged drains, as well as water pressure or heater problems. Depending on the job that you want to be done, the total cost may vary according to your plumber’s rates and charges. Some may not charge too much while others have a standard rate for leaking faucets or replacing new ones.

12 of the Most Common Plumbing Repairs and Costs

Here are some of the most common plumbing repairs and the estimated expenses for each:

  1. Leaking Pipes – it’s annoying to see a leaking pipe especially if you don’t know which part is the actual hole. You can only put so much duct tape to stop the leaking but it will eventually keep dripping as the days go by. Now hiring a plumber to do the job will cost you about $250 on average but it could go as high as $850 if you want to include and detect the location of the leak. If the pipes are hard to locate then it will cost more than the said amount. So if you want to save money, make sure to identify the source as soon as possible otherwise it will just keep leaking anyway.
  2. Busted Pipes or Broken Pipes – a busted or broken pipe cannot be avoided especially during winter as pipes are more fragile during colder seasons. A busted pipe can cost around $100 to $200 per foot and if the damage is big then expect to pay more. If you want the plumber to clean and repair your water pipes then you can expect around $1000 to $2000 depending on the extent of the damage. 
  3. Leaking under concrete slabs – a water pipe that busted under a concrete slab can weaken your house’s concrete foundation. It can also damage the soil and erode it in the long run. If you suspect that a busted pipe is leaking water under the concretes of your house then your plumber will charge you around $150 to $400 for detecting it. If you want it repaired and tear down the concrete and pour new concrete again, plumbers can charge your around $2000 or more to do all that depending on the damage.
  4. Broken water heater – water heater is very important during cold seasons and a broken water heater is not going to help you. That’s why you need to have it fixed as soon as possible. Average charge for a broken water heater is around $150 to $500 but this depends if some of it’s parts need replacement or the water heater needs to be replaced with a new one. 
  5. Garbage disposals – repairing of garbage disposal is estimated to be around $180 to 370 or more on average. Since garbage disposals are important, it is best to keep it in good condition. Keeping certain food out of it can help and make sure that the hot water is always running on it can also do the trip. Avoid putting hard items on your garbage disposals like egg shells, bones, vegetables that are hard to dispose and even corn husks as well as grease. 
  6. Gas lines – a broken gas line can cost around $100 to $650 depending on where it is located and if it needs replacement. A broken gas line is dangerous and must be fixed immediately. If you suspect that a gas line is broken, make sure to turn off the main valve in order to avoid the gas buildup around your home. 
  7. Sump pumps – repairing a sump pump can cost around $495 to $550 depending if it’s clogged or not. Once the sum pump is clogged, making weird noises or has no more water, make sure to call a plumber immediately. Additional payment may be needed if the sump pump needs replacement.
  8. Leaking of main water line – if the main water line needs replacement, a repairman can charge you around $450 to $3000 depending on the damage. You may also pay extra if it needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that the main water line can cause flooding in your house and can cause further damage inside. Have it repaired the moment you notice that water is not coming in properly to your house. 
  9. Leaking pipes in the ceiling – pipes located in the ceiling are tricky to repair on your own. So before you do further damage, you must call the plumber immediately. Expect to pay around $700 to $3000 depending on the situation. Plumbers have to locate the exact area of the leaking water first and if the pipes are in bad shape, additional payment is required if you want it replaced. Not only that, you need to replace the dry wall in your house in case pipes in the ceiling are leaking. This way molds cannot grow in the wet areas of your house. 
  10. Clogged sink, drains, shower or bathtub – one of the most annoying problem that you can have is when the sink clogs up. It could be in the shower or kitchen and even in a bathtub. Once this happens, call the experts to declog it right away. On average, a repairman can charge you around $250 depending on the case. If you want it cleaned and repaired, your plumber may charge extra for that. 
  11. Septic and Sewer lines – once this part of your plumbing system breaks down, it could pose as an expensive job to do and the risk of contaminating the ground water is possible. Cleaning a septic tank alone can cost around $550 to $600 on average. Depending on the size of the tank, pumping it could cost around $250 if the gallon tank is around 750. A 2,000 gallon tank can cost $650 to $700.
  12. Toilet repairs – an old toilet that works well is okay but in the long run, things do break and if you happen to have a broken toilet then you should have it repaired as soon as possible. On average, toilet repair can cost around $320 but depending on which part is broken, an average charge is a$150 (like flapper and chain adjustment or flush valve etc.) but if the repair is easy then $20 can be charged. 

Your Takeaway

Let’s face it, plumbing repairs are expensive! So what can you do? If you are tight on budget, you don’t have to call the plumber every time something needs fixing. If the repairs are as simple unclogging a drain, give it a try and do it yourself. There are so many chemicals for unclogging a drain or sink that you can find in the supermarket. Why not try them first? If you are still in doubt, there are plenty of DIY videos that you can learn from. Of course, you have to keep your plumbing system in good shape too.

Regular checkup and maintenance can help avoid costly repairs too. But if the problem is way out of your skills then it’s time to call the pros. Just make sure that the plumbers you call are trustworthy and can get the job done. Otherwise you will be spending double if they don’t! So be smart, learn some skills and make sure that you know how your plumbing system works. This way you know what to tell your plumber. Trust me, it can help you save a lot of money in the long run!


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