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Things to Know Before Purchasing a Vacant Lot

It is always said you can change everything about a home except the location, so why not build your dream home in the perfect location? Building a home on a . . .
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What Does Off-Market Really Mean?

Have you often heard the term off-market but do not know what it means? Well, it is similar to normal selling of property but the only difference is there . . .
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Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Just like hiring a real estate agent for the sale, you might also consider hiring a real estate attorney who can look after the legal processes.  Have you decided to . . .
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What is Home Appraisal Based On?

Appraisal is needed in order to evaluate how much your house is worth so that when you go to list it, you can put a price on it accordingly. This . . .
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All About Build-to-Suit

Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Most countries have hundreds, if not thousands of real estate companies and agents who work hard to offer . . .
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What is a Seller-Financed Real Estate Deal?

A seller-financed real estate deal is a financial arrangement where the seller accepts the installments directly from the buyer rather than the buyer getting a bank loan. It is . . .
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How To Organize Small Kitchen To Maximize Space

A small kitchen is no one’s friend. But just like dark under-eyes, cranky in-laws or your inability to hold a camera still, sometimes you just have to . . .
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First Time Home Buyer Programs Phoenix

Are you planning to buy your first home in Phoenix?  Being a first time home buyer can be both stressful and exciting.  It is vital you know the whole buying . . .
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What To (And Not To) Look for in a Home Tour

Buying a house isn’t a cakewalk, it’s a major process that requires tons of time and patience.  Because buying a home is such a big deal, it’s . . .
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